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If you don’t know by now, Instagram is a visual platform so the content you post needs to be aesthetically pleasing. Many businesses and personal brands can benefit from using quote and informational images. Here’s exactly how to create quote images for Instagram that are engaging and beautiful.

Just take a look at our Instagram account to see what we mean,

Watch this video to see the entire process in action!

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In this video I showed you how to create professionally designed quote images for your Instagram account.

First you’ll need a graphic design tool! If you don’t already have access to one that you like to use, we HIGHLY recommend using Canva!

Canva is free and super easy to use!

NOTE: For a list of all the Instagram marketing resources we recommend, visit our resources page.

If you have a graphic design tool already just apply these techniques inside the program you use.

If you’re some sort of coach or author, quote images can be highly effective for you on Instagram and other social media platforms. If your business is in the B2B space, you can most likely benefit from professionally designed quote images.

For consumer brands selling physical products, restaurants, and artists I would not recommend using quote images.

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Remember, you should develop your unique style! Choose a font that you like and stick to it.

Don’t use random quotes, make sure they relate to your brand.

IMPORTANT: Make sure these quotes bring value to your audience. Your quote images should be motivating, inspiring, funny, informational, etc.

The images you use should somewhat relate to the quote you’re using for that piece of content.

Choose a picture on a copy write free images website, we use

Download to your computer, then upload to Canva!

Design a square or portrait, do not use landscape Images on Instagram.

We use the ‘Social Media’ design in Canva.

Add your image and line it up where you’d like. Make sure you find images that have an open area where you can place the quote so you don’t cover up the subject with the words.

Add a black square to your design and reduce the transparency to 50%.

Add a text box and write out your quote. Choose the font you like (keep this consistent for your brand after you find one that you like.

Lastly, add your logo or Instagram username below or above your quote.

There you have it, that’s how to make quote images for Instagram!

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