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Bender Media’s digital marketing services are built to dramatically grow the online presence of your business. Our services allow you to build a consistent and strong brand online.

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Website Design

Having a beautifully design and well-functioning website will greatly improve the online presence of your business. In today’s digital world, a website is a must-have. Bender Media will work with the client and their needs to build a custom website that is consistent with their brand!

After the site is completed you have the option to have us teach you how to manage and update it yourself, or we can continue to manage it for a monthly fee.


Social Media Marketing

Facebook Ads

This type of paid advertising works and is still the cheapest form of quality traffic online. Facebook ads work so well because of Facebook’s advanced ad platform that allows you to target your ideal customers and advertise to people at different parts of the sales process. Not only that, it’s easy for us to analyze how well your ads are doing and measure ROI unlike traditional forms of advertising.

Instagram Management

It is our belief that Instagram is one of the best social media platforms to build brand awareness, transmit messages to targeted audiences, and drive website traffic organically. We will take care of everything for you including, content strategy, hashtag research, scheduling posts, bio optimization, customer targeting, and growth strategies.

Questions? Call us at (805) 279-4662


Email Marketing

This form of marketing continues to prove itself. Building and maintaining an e-mail list the right way to dramatically change your business. We will set up systems and e-mail sales funnels that will transition your website traffic from visitors to loyal customers.



These days it’s so important to have a steady flow of fresh, quality content for social media and your website. Our photography service will ensure that you always have social media content and professional photos for your website.


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Questions? Call us at (805) 279-4662